Adaptive Group on the road: Highlights of 2020

Adaptive Group on the road: Highlights of 2020
2020 turned out to be a year of uncertainty with many changes and challenges for all of us. Covid-19 has been the biggest issue of all, but despite the new reality, 2020 brought us a huge bank of new knowledge and ideas, high-quality networking, mostly digital events, inspiring conferences, and discussions. Our Adaptive team is still growing and sharing knowledge with the business. Here we present some selected things we did together last year.

Looking back on January 2020, it was quite a busy month, full of events, meetings, and insights. First of all, we started with Adaptive Winter Offsite 2020 in Szklarska Poręba! There were several days full of inspiration, knowledge sharing sessions, and fun, also with winter sports activities and delicious meals in the beautiful surrounding. Fortunately, we were able to travel and integrate before the lockdown.

Discover more from Adaptive Winter Offsite:


After Adaptive Winter Offsite, the list of events looked like this:

CEE Business Services Awards_Krystian Bestry

  • The Summit was accompanied by two events: HR in SSCs Forum and CEE RPA Workshop, where Krystian Bestry represented Adaptive Group together with Michał Bielawski, our CFO. More photos: linkedin
  • Krystian Bestry & Michał Bielawski named the 2019 Business Tigers. The list of Business Tigers is a part of the Annual Report prepared by Pro Progressio. It means that both gentlemen have a significant impact on the BSS growth in Poland.

Business Tigers_Adaptive SAG 2019


In February, we continued to travel and build international networking. 

  • As for the next updates, we were looking forward to hearing this news from our Management Board.
  • The  Board took a decision to look for a new venue for our Headquarters with comfortable space for our experts. After several weeks of research and further negotiations, we signed a 5-year office rental agreement with Octagon Investment Sp. z o.o. All details here.

oktagon-nowe-biuro-Adaptive Group


  • April started with a pleasant vibe, we had Adaptive breakfast together.

  • Our specialists have various interests, and our fans of running decided to organized their own run team Adaptive Lizards and we started our journey by participating in the first charity race "Pobiegnijmy dla kobiet” (Let's run for women!"). The aim of the run was to raise money to help a House For Single Mothers in Łódż. The event was incredible and we were happy to contribute!

Adaptive Lizards Team_charity race Pobiegnijmy dla kobiet


First of all, we started April with the introduction of newcomers. New faces joined our Adaptive Group Team to help us bring even better results for our clients. 

  • Aleksandra Marchewka, Project Manager / Consultant at ADAPTIVE Solutions & Advisory
  • Katarzyna Wojdyła, Program Manager / Senior Consultant Adaptive
  • Beata Kaźmierczak, Program Manager / Senior Consultant Adaptive SAG
  • Adam Stanowski, Consultant Adaptive SAG.

Short snapshot concerning the new experts to be read here: New faces in Adaptive Group Team!

Adaptive Group_New faces

  • Like many of us, our team also worked remotely, and below a few atmospheric pictures from Adaptive team.

remote work_Adaptive SAG_1.[2]

  • Our Consultant Agata Opłatowska, spent the lockdown times at the client’s location in Portugal.  She decided to share with us some tips on what was handy during this time. Feel welcomed to read it. Full article available here: How to handle a lockdown in client’s location?
  • Our Marketing Specialist/Content Manager, Anastasiia Kotvytska prepared the article titled "The top online collaboration tools". In this article, you will find the list of top online collaboration tools, that help your team stay productive and concentrated on results and tasks
  • Adaptive SAG joined forces with Digital Teammates. Designed for Enterprise Customers, the two leading companies started work together to build, onboard, and run a portfolio of Managed and Rent Digital Workforce services dedicated to the Business Support Services industry! More details about the new collab here.

Adaptive SAG_Digital Teammates_collab


  • We successfully moved to our new headquarters located at Plac Wolności 3 in Oktagon building! 
  • Adaptive team returns to work! And after working from home, we finally returned to our normal but still in the sanitary regime.

Adaptive Group_Krystian Bestry_11th Office Market Conference


  • At the beginning of summer, our company completed 5 years on the market! We started with a few but now we are many, not only in numbers but also in talents and creativity. We continue to grow and expand year by year. Without our team, this journey never would have been possible and that impressive! 

Adaptive SAG_zdjecie grupowe

  • We celebrated our colleague's birthday and spent some time together. Working at Adaptive is always a pleasant time. More photos here linkedin and video ADAPTIVE FACTS #7
  • Krystian Bestry, our CEO had interview titled ‘Od cięcia kosztów do centrów doskonałości - poznaj łódzką branżę nowoczesnych usług dla biznesu’ (From the cost-cutting to the centres of excellence - discover BSS industry in Łódż) with Mateusz Sipa, Vice Director Business Development and International Relations Bureau, feel welcomed to read full interview on our website.



  • We had our first business photoshoot in the new office linkedin.

photoshoot_Adaptive SAG


Adaptive Group_Poland Business Run

  • Adaptive team celebrated 20 years of Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Europe! We had occasion to be sponsor again, as a part of agreement with SSON we were represented with workshop titled “Global Process ownership in the digital transformation era” in virtual format! It was our first experience in a brand new format and we so proud to be sponsor again.

Our representation:


  • We also had panel discussion in which Krystian Bestry led the discussion with senior transformation practitioners from ABB, Adidas and British American Tobacco on “Balancing culture and value when driving process excellence”.
  • During this event participants had the opportunity to e-meet us at our virtual booth and chat with managers and discuss the challenges of the SSC & outsourcing industry!

Adaptive Group_booth_SSON

  • Our Senior Manager, Senior Consultant Magdalena Bugajska wrote article for Outsourcing & More (no 54) magazine, publication entitled "Generations or human beings?". The author explained why learning from each other and mutual trust are so important in modern organizations, how do organizations respond to the new 2020 trend? Here can be found the full article

Magdalena Bugajska_article_Pro Progressio

New faces joined our Adaptive Group Team to take the company to new heights together!



Adaptive Group_advancement_employees

  • From Oktober, we also started our Youtube channel! Follow us. YouTube channel is a place where we present all video materials concerning our activity. On this channel, our followers can find testimonials, interviews, relations from events, and other materials connected with Shared Service and Outsourcing business.
  • Later Aleksandra Krajewska, Program Manager, Senior Consultant represented Adaptive Group at Digital Transformation Acceleration - Strategic workshop for ABSL Łódż Chapter Members organized by Positive Productivity
  • Adaptive Group has signed a partnership with ASPIRE association! More information about Adaptive Group & ASPIRE cooperation here.

Adaptive Group_ASPIRE_collaboration


  • Adaptive Group was represented by our Managing Partner & CFO Michal Bielawski at the webinar entitled “Accelerating the Order-to-Cash Cycle” during Shared Service Centers in CEE Discussion Series! This webinar was hosted by City. 

Adaptive Group_Michał Bielawski


Next, Adaptive Group was invited by Puls Biznesu to take part in “Shared Services & Multi-Sourcing II” conference, where we talked about “Customer Excellence vs. Customer Management. How to develop SSC/ BPO processes to be customer-oriented? Big thanks to all of the speakers for participation:

Adaptive Group_Puls Biznesu_conference

  • In Outsourcing & more" (No. 55) featured an article by Marty Baran, Program Manager & Senior Consultant Adaptive Group, entitled "„Kontrola podstawą zaufania? To zależy…” We invite you to read the article here. Congratulations to Marta Baran for her excellent work and a big thanks for sharing knowledge with others! 

Adaptive SAG_Marta Baran_article_Pro ProgressioDecember

  • In December, we conducted the next edition of "GBS Lions' Talks",  in a brand new VIRTUAL format, as a webinar!
  • We dedicated the first online workshop to the topic: "The role of Global Process Ownership in the digital transformation era." Critical steps towards a mature Global Business Services Model. 

Speakers included:

GBS Lions Talks_virtual_Adaptive SAG

Here is a new episode of Podcast BSS bez tajemnic #313, inspiring talk by Wiktor Doktor in duo with Krystian Bestry, our President & CEO at Adaptive SAG, about visible trends and challenges in GBSach in new realities, the importance of leadership, processes, and their centralization, transformation, and automation.

Full episode here: Spreaker

BSS podcast_bez tajemnic_Wiktor Dpoktor_Krystian Bestry

  • Once again our company funded Santa’s gifts for children from the Emergency Shelter and helped them make their children's dreams come true. 

Adaptive Group_pomaga_Emergency Shelter

We finished 2020 with newcomers in Adaptive Group Team!

  • Jakub Kaleta, Process Officer Adaptive SAG 
  • Agnieszka Baraś, Process Officers Adaptive SAG 
  • Justyna Dusińska,  Process Consultant Adaptive SAG
  • Patrycja Szewczyk, Process Officers Adaptive SAG
  • Ewa Stawicka, Process Officers Adaptive SAG 
  • Martyna Pietrzak, Process Officers Adaptive SAG. 

Short snapshot concerning the new experts to be read here: New faces in Adaptive Group Team!

  • It’s already a tradition. This Christmas we also took part in one of the largest and most recognizable charity events in Poland - “Noble Gift”(Szlachetna PACZKA). It’s a great honor for us we joined this action and helped those in need! “Noble Gift” connects people! 

Szlachetna paczka_dyplom_Adaptive SAG

  • Let us share with you the warm memories of December fantastic cooking class, enjoy! [linkedin] 

Adaptive Group_cooking workshop_Marta Baran

  • Thanks to Marta Piątczak for inviting us to travel acr oss Europe and discover new tastes in very comfortable conditions – at home!
  • Last but not least, before Christmas we celebrated Adaptive “Choinka” party 2020! Video: linkedin

Adaptive Group_holidays time

Adaptive Group_holidays time

Finally, we would like to say a big thank you to all our colleagues that have shown great effort and perseverance in working through this challenging period. We also want to thank our customers and partners for their commitment and cooperation during this difficult year, as well as for all the valuable feedback we have received in 2020. This gives us the opportunity to further improve our offer and services, makes us reach for more and more. We are convinced 2021 will be even better than the previous year! 

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