Designed for Enterprise Customers, the two leading companies will work together to build, onboard and run a portfolio of Managed and Rent Digital Workforce services dedicated to the Business Support Services industry!

Adaptive SAG, the BSS leader announced a strategic partnership with Digital Teammates, the top process robotics, to support BSS organizations stay competitive and secure through their workforce and process digitalization journey. Together, the companies will offer Customers unique managed and rent digital workforce, as well as comprehensive, integrated, end-to-end optimization, automation, and analytics services.

The global and Polish Business Services markets are characterized by rapid growth, constant changes, high competitiveness, and hunt for Talents as the outsourcing world becomes more and more global, complex and digital. Today’s world is also exposed to many physical and cyber threats. To secure the business, to be a driver for a digital change and an attractive employer, to respond to these changes and threats, organizations need to constantly improve operating models, must have contingency plans and adopt innovation in their culture and mindset. All these initiatives require corporate focus, massive investments in research, technology, and sophisticated program management skills without guarantee to be successful.

Adaptive and Digital Teammates understand Customers’ expectations and needs and bring opportunities for process transformations of tomorrow already today with its Digital Workforce model.

Krystian Bestry, CEO Adaptive Solutions & Advisory Group: “With unique process management expertise from Adaptive and innovative on a global scale “Rent-a-Robot” concept introduced by Digital Teammates this partnership is the next milestone of our strategy. We aim to offer key technology solutions in our One-Stop-Shop to the Business Services world e.g. digital workforce and robotics platforms, integrated and smart automation, business and analytics applications and the autonomous management command center system. We focus on our Customers and like to confront traditional RPA and automation providers, consulting conglomerates and bring the attention to the fact that process automation could be done faster, with better ability to execute and even without up-front investments”.

Mariusz Pultyn, CTO Digital Teammates: “We are excited to announce this strategic partnership with Adaptive to meet their Clients’ increasing demands for automation and secure end-to-end digitization journey towards the digital workforce. DTM has successfully implemented the “Rent-a-Robot” model in a variety of industries starting from Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) industry, through production, logistics, public health to public administration. We grew up in one of the largest Polish banks, so we always strive to the highest compliance, cybersecurity and regulatory standards that are embedded in our products. Our offer and operating model have been tested and recognized not only by our Clients but also by the most prestigious research and BSS organizations e.g. Gartner, Global Sourcing Association (GSA), ABSL, Pro Progressio, as well as such renowned brands as Blue Prism World and Digital Champions. Now, with Adaptive we can offer our solutions to the whole BSS industry”.

Waldemar Nowak, Head of Automation Innology think-tank, Business Process Automation expert and Koźmiński University lecturer: “This alliance is a good direction and sets innovation capabilities on a new level addressing Customers’ key expectations and needs towards Digital Workforce and Business Process Automation: the need for a combined process and technology knowledge, highly limited upfront investments, and the highest security standards. Revolutionary Saving-as-a-Service and profit-share models are the first, true Partnership offer on the market between Customers and Providers that delivers tangible cash savings as from day 1 and change the automation market landscape”.

About Adaptive SAG:

ADAPTIVE Solutions & Advisory Group is helping organizations in adopting themselves to market environment and seize competitive advantage in the business world through centralization, transformation and automation of business processes.

With unique process transformation expertise, the Company offers dedicated business solutions for shared services & outsourcing industry, incl. end-to-end process management, change management, technology enhancements and GBS market intelligence.

About Digital Teammates:

Digital Teammates is helping in automating routine tasks performed by employees and release their creative potential to serve their customers better. Company offer combines features that make robotization of the process easy, quick and secure with unique Rent-a-Robot offer. For its offer and operating model, Digital Teammates has been awarded by various global and Polish research and industry associations incl. Gartner, GSA, ABSL, Pro Progressio.




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