How to handle a lockdown in client’s location?

How to handle a lockdown in client’s location?
Our Consultant Agata Opłatowska is spending the lockdown times at the client’s location in Portugal. She decided to share with us some tips on what was handy during this time. Feel welcomed to read it!
  1. Keep your eyes wide open

Being in another country means different measures were taken to ensure safety of the population during Corona times. Portugal started to apply those very early, which was a very good move, but if you don’t know the language, you need to search for the reliable information. It was extremely helpful, that in the company there were internal channels of communication created especially for foreigners, who do not understand Portuguese news, to distribute the most important information.

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  1. Stay focused

As for anybody working from home, some basic routine had to be applied. Getting up in the morning, dressing up (and not spending whole day in pajamas), creating a dedicated working spot at home, making healthy breaks is a key to staying focused. This actually refers to anybody, working remotely from anywhere.

  1. Move

In Portugal emergency state was implemented in mid March, which means, for weeks people were not supposed to leave their homes unless to make essential shopping or walk a dog. All the parks, beaches and any social spaces were closed and monitored by the police (and they still are!). It’s a very simple way to lose your shape, that is why working out at home is a must. Luckily, the internet offers a vast variety of home exercises! Choose one that you like, not the one that everybody does.

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  1. Stay connected

Being in touch with family and friends is also a must. Ability to speak with someone close to you at least once a day is crucial for your emotional wellbeing. You can use the well known, common communicators like WhatsApp, Messenger or Skype, but the internet started to offer also more fun ones, like for example Houseparty, which offers some social games to play during your online party. Also, turn on your camera when using all the above, your actual smile can make someone’s day much better!

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Thank you Agata for your tips! We are extremely proud that working together with such an amazing talented consultant like you!

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