Support Functions & Operating Models

Support Functions & Operating Models

Support functions like F&A, HR, IT, Facility management and administration or Procurement – so called Business Enabling Functions (BEFs) - guarantee smooth and seamless operation of a core business. In parallel with this role, the BEFs protect the organisation from going wrong, by guiding the business, indicating and following the internal procedures.

Every employee contributes to the development of the company they work for. However, only under condition they know what to do and when, and what are they accountable for. ADAPTIVE SAG designs operating models for the companies with the most effective accountability structure, where the competences within the company are perfectly allocated and used, following the corporate strategy, together with business plans and operations targets.

We have proven experience in assisting our Clients with reviewing their internal Support Functions, i.e. concentrating on the following:

  • Designing new ways of working based on your organization’s vision and strategic objectives;
  • Highlighting and utilizing the best practice activities;
  • Management and organizational structure of the supporting functions;
  • Creation of business case and recommendation on the activities to be outsourced;
  • Customer service support orientation;
  • Enhancing Internal and external communication;
  • Integration of multicultural & cultural change management mindset.