Would you?

Every employee joins “Would You Journey” – a game unique in its versatility. The structure of this project resembles a cruiser with many decks, which are crossed to upgrade the development. It builds the team’s integrity on many levels, from onboarding via different decks to professional progress, building soft skills, and internal projects to common challenges and games. That’s a project thought out on many levels, rewarding the employee’s activity in many fields while allowing them to settle down in a way that suits them best.

Our Values

„Would You Journey” follows our key company values:


Transparency in all what we do, with equality in the treatments for all clients and employees despite the size, functions or grading levels;


Inspiration - sharing thoughts and ideas across the organization, utilizing our experiences for each one of us and across client projects;


Membership, with unique benefits, exclusive access to best-in-class solutions, partnership collaboration with clients and within teams;


Empowerment to develop our clients and ourselves, accelerating our business and personal growth via non-standard ways of doing things.

The main goal of the “Would You Journey” game is to strengthen our culture, where everybody is invited to get, give and enjoy, and, what’s important – as our employee you can co-create it!

Among our goals like knowledge exchange, strengthening employees’ potential, and improving their soft skills we have two main ones: integration and elastic rewards. WYJ plays a huge employer branding and team-building function, empowering the company’s brand. It also lets to create a very adaptive reward system, fitting employees’ needs and preferences and increasing their satisfaction. It’s based on gathering points and exchanging them for funds to be spent on health, education and well-being – all available in the cafeteria tool.

Would you join the Journey?



Group challenges

Know-how sharing


Elastic rewards

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