Readiness of GBS for Generative AI REPORT

GEN AI: seasonal hype or routine technology?

Generative AI not only the fastest developing, but the easiest to use technology now. While there is significant enthusiasm in the world, it is clear that numerous SSC/GBS face challenges in effectively integrating AI into their daily operations.

What are the reasons behind? Are GBS open and ready for the implementation of Generative AI? Which areas of AI are currently being explored? To what extent are GBS centers prepared to discuss safety, compliance, copyrights, and the legislative limitations of using AI in process work?

Insightas from the report by Adaptive Solutions & Advisory Group and ASPIRE Poland will get us closer to understanding where GBS currently stand in the use of Generative AI in the business services sector. Thank you all who contributeed their voicec to the discussion about the potential that Generative AI can bring to our industry. Your input has helped us learn how advanced are our GBS on the path of utilizing the newest technology and how advanced we are in mitigation of risks and challenges AI will bring to us.

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