Starting the LEAN journey

Starting the LEAN journey
Have you ever considered implemeting LEAN in your organization? We bet you have!

What first comes to your mind when thinking about it? How to start? Who should introduce and deploy the strategy in the company? How will your Team adapt to a new reality and Lean tools? Will they accept the new rules or resist? Will it be "a highway to hell" or rather something great and exciting?

If you want to find out how to do it quite smoothly - read the article written by Justyna Rak - Program Manager & Senior Consultant at Adaptive SAG in the latest edition of "Focus on Business" magazine by Pro Progressio Club!

Justyna as Adaptive Lean Expert had led plenty of various teams through the process of implementing the Lean thinking so she will definitely share only practical tips how to start!

To learn more just clik here and read the full article! (pages 46-48).

Enjoy your read!

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