GBS Lions Talks by Adaptive SAG 1st 2023 meeting!

GBS Lions Talks by Adaptive SAG 1st 2023 meeting!
Proven GBS growth potential across verticals Supply Chain, Controlling, Human Resources - from the opportunity to GBS standard!

Have you already defined new verticals in your organization? Maybe you already discovered growth potential across your GBS field? Let's talk about new opportunities in 2023 during GBS Lions’ Talks meeting in Warsaw ShowRoom designed by Nowy Styl.

Key points to be discussed:

  •        Supply Chain Management - how to drive process efficiency via GBS?
  •        Centralized controlling ? Market benchmark for current trends.
  •        Human-centric organization management with qualified HR Service Catalogue.

During the meeting Adaptive Clients and and ABSL Poland members will show examples why is worth to introduce new approach among business development strategy.

Register now: GBS Lions Talks by Adaptive SAG: Proven GBS potential across verticals - Konferencje w warsaw, 31.01.2023 -

This event is open for all interested persons, requires confirmation.

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