Summer Mobile Office Week 2022 in Jastarnia

Summer Mobile Office Week 2022 in Jastarnia
Would you like to work in unusual surroundings? Here in Adaptive we are fans of workation!

At the end of August, the Summer Mobile Office Week 2022 took place in Jastarnia, which is a traditional, annual Adaptive workation, for which we are all waiting with flushed faces!
We worked on the Zatoka Pucka itself in a fantastically prepared zone for co-bag, training, integrating, getting to know each other better, having a great time together!
Interesting fact, Tik Toka chose this unique place for his corporate summer workation!
At # SMOW22, we relaxed in the gusts of the coastal breeze, our minds rested in the bosom of nature, but we also had a bit of physical activity so that the body could keep up with the spirit plus surprises prepared by the Would You team!
But in the evening ... toasts, dances and conversations till late.
And because we had a wonderful hot summer and it was a few days away from home - we took our kids, family, friends and even a pet with us!

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