Article by Joanna Wilczyńska in Outsourcing & More magazine!

Article by Joanna Wilczyńska in Outsourcing & More magazine!
100% Remote management of knowledge migration projects? IS THAT POSSIBLE? YES, yes...and yes! Adaptive knows how to do it!

Want to learn more about how the transition team handled a huge 100% remote migration project for a global company with 8 business functions and 3 GBS locations, with hundreds of local business units working in 4 different time zones, when all they had were laptops and uncertain future?

In the latest edition of Outsourcing & More magazine by Pro Progressio, there is an article by Joanna Wilczyńska, our Senior Manager, titled "100% remote management of knowledge migration projects during GBS implementation - is it even possible, effective and profitable?" (100% zdalne zarządzanie projektami migracji wiedzy podczas implementacji GBS - czy to w ogóle możliwe, efektywne i rentowne?)

Asia shared her lesson learnt and what exactly she had to face as a Transition Manager while the pandemic was underway! Asia, congrats! This is a very impressive story!

Grab your coffee and click here to read the full article (in Polish)!

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