Adaptive Group on the road: overview of the 2nd half of 2019

Adaptive Group on the road: overview of the 2nd half of 2019
It is high time to summarize the 2nd half of 2019. As before, during past months our experts have taken part in lots of interesting events, inspiring conferences and thought-provoking discussions. Let us take a closer look at the details.


First of all, in July we were impatiently waiting for Mobile Office Week- our annual event for Adaptive employees exclusively. Week by week next details concerning agenda were revealed and we felt, it is going to be a real thing!

Besides, again we had our Adaptive breakfast and spent some time together.

Last but not least, our CFO Michał Bielawski took part in ABSL Chapter Meeting.



When it comes to August, of course we were focused on our Mobile Office Week.The event combined three ingredients: knowledge, inspiration and fun. We enjoyed good weather, discussed what we have learnt and involved in water sports.

Besides our bosses decided to awarded several Adaptive experts for extraordinary engagement:

  • Amal Naimi – Client Relationship Award 2019
  • Agata Opłatowska – Mobility Award 2019
  • Dominika Jóźwiak-Bąk – Excellence Award 2019
  • Irmina Liczbik – Excellence Award 2019

More photos from the event:



In September, we started the business season with XII European Economic Forum Lodzkie 2019 during which Michał Bielawski, our CFO, was one of the panel speakers.

More photos: LinkedIn

Secondly, Robert Godziszewski and Aleksandra Leman went to GBS Talks 4.0 in Cracow. During the event, Robert Godziszewski had the role of panel moderator.

Photos: Linkedin

Thirdly, Michał Bielawski took a flight to Barcelona and participated in Shared Services & GBS Barcelona.

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To end up September, we had Friday dinner.

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October was definitely the most busy month in the 2nd half of 2019.

However, before talking about events, it is crucial to mention promotion of four Adaptive experts:

  • Aleksandra Pudlarz to Project Manager
  • Wioleta Urbańska to Project Leader
  • Katarzyna Prymont-Przymińska to Consultant
  • Galyna Biletska to Consultant

In October, we organized the next edition of GBS Lions' Talks in Lodz. This time, the speakers were as following:

  • Patrycja Góralczyk-Olczak, Project Manager at Clariant Services
  • Urszula Szymanska, Project Manager at Tate&Lyle GSS
  • Adam Solinski – RPA Implementation Manager at Tate&Lyle GSS
  • Michał Ejchman, Program Manager Adaptive Group

Photos: Linkedin

As a part of agreement with SSON, several Adaptive experts went to Czech Republic and conducted workshops during SSOW Prague with our clients.

Hosted by:

  • Joanna Wilczyńska, Program Manager Adaptive Group
  • Robert Godziszewski, Program Manager Adaptive Group

Panel speakers:

  • Rafał Drygała, Head of Global Service Centre DLA Piper;
  • Paweł Kalinowski, Delivery Excellence Director Adidas;
  • Krystian Bestry, CEO Adaptive Group, it was a success.

Not only it was success when it comes to content but also the active engagement of audience.

Photos: Linkedin

In the meantime, Justyna Rak met with lean lovers during Lean Trendy 2019 in Lodz.

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We cannot describe this month, without mentioning the initative which was a part of Working Together. Our multinational team prepared presentations concerning their countries and delicious food to enjoy.

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Next, Michał Bielawski (panel speaker), Robert Godziszewski, Justyna Rak and Irmina Liczbik went to Warsaw and took part in Closer to Excellence conference organized by DPC.

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Do you know that there is a whole podcast episode concerning Adaptive? Several weeks ago, Wiktor Doktór talked about us in his 'BSS without secrets' which you can listen to here:

As we are constantly growing, Aleksandra Leman, Program Manager & Anastasiia Kotvytska, Junior Consultant went to Białystok and represented us during job fairs.

Again Warsaw: Michal Bielawski (CFO) and Michał Ejchman (Program Manager) talked about preparation of SSC processes during Shared & Business Services Congress 2019 organized by Rzeczpospolita.

Photos: Linkedin

We also were present during 4th CEE Strategic SSC Conference organized by Connect-Minds. Robert Godziszewski (our Program Manager) as panel moderator of pillar 3 ‘People management’ and Marta Baran (our Program Manager) as a support.

Photos: Linkedin

On the other hand, there was also interesting event happening in Częstochowa. Employer Branding Workshops organized by Pro Progressio. Magdalena Bugajska (Senior Manager) Irmina Liczbik (Marketing Specialist) had the opportunity to look at EB from different perspectives.

Photos: Linkedin

Last but not least, Krystian Bestry, our CEO and Aleksandra Leman, Program Manager took flight to Berlin and participated in 2nd Annual Global Shared Services & GBS Summit. Both our experts represented the company as speakers.


In November, we organized another business breakfast GBS Lions’ Talks which took place in Warsaw. Speakers included:

Photos: Linkedin


As a part of our ABSL membership, Michał Bielawski went to Brno and represented Adaptive during ABSL Czech Republic conference.

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In another part of Europe, Stockholm, Michał Ejchman listened to various presentations during Nordic Business Transformation 2019 conference.

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Going back to Poland, Michał Bielawski and Dominika Jóźwiak went to Warsaw and represented Adaptive as speakers during "Optymalizowanie procesów w Centrach Usług Wspólnych- wyzwania i kierunki rozwoju SSC” conference organized by MMC Polska.

In November, we also proudly shared great news- in one of the issues of Outsourcing & More magazine you could read an article written by Justyna Szklarczyk-Wojdak, our Program Manager. If you haven’t read it yet, you can access it online here: The Journey from SSC to GBS.


December started with our announcement about the partnership with SSON for 2020. More information about the deal can be found here: Adaptive Group signs partnership with SSON!


Secondly, our bosses gathered together with other experts from the sector during ABSL Gala.

As a part of our Employer Branding, Michał Ejchman gave a free lecture about knowledge management for students of Faculty of Economics and Sociology at the University of Lodz.

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December would not be complete without Szlachetna Paczka initative. Again, our team helped a person in need instead of enjoying presents for themselves.

Have you read about Adaptive business trip to Sofia? Michał Ejchman shared his experience, feel welcomed to check it out here: Sofia

Last but not least, before going for holidays, we celebrated Adaptive Christmas Party.

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