Adaptive Group on the road: overview of the 1st half of 2019

Adaptive Group on the road: overview of the 1st half of 2019
Time to summarize the first half of 2019. During several months, there was quite a lot of interesting events, good conferences and inspiring discussions. Adaptive Group Team was on the road sharing its knowledge with the business.


Adaptive Group started January with Adaptive Winter Off-Road: annual event aiming at spending time together within our team and sharing experience learned through past several months.

We had knowledge sharing sessions, strategy meetings but also had a chance to enjoy winter via different sports.

More Adaptive Winter Off-Road photos:

After the event, we decided to have our Adaptive Group values visible for everyone who pops into our office. 

In January, we also started cooperation with DPC. They designed a cycle of workshops concerning operational excellence and Adaptive Group, together with Cushman&Wakefield, acted as the Partner of initiative.


January cannot be discussed without mentioning BSS Forum & Outsourcing Stars Gala. Adaptive Group was a proud Sponsor of the event and Michał Bielawski was one of the speakers. He talked about the strategy of games in business (behavior benchmarks, tactics, data analytics etc.).

 Discover more photos from BSS Forum & Outsourcing Stars Gala:

This month was also a success when it comes to client experience. Our Program Manager, Michał Ejchman, received official congratulations from our client, PKP Energetyka, for successful implementation of the projec.

Later on, the business environment witnessed the 7th annual CEE Business Services Awards Gala. As the Partner of the event, we had the pleasure to hand in a prize in the category of "Business Services Firm – Poland".

Krystian Bestry, CEO Adaptive Group, introduces the winner

At the end of January, there was also the ABSL HR Club meeting. Our company was represented by Robert Godziszewski, Program Manager Adaptive Group.

January ended with a very pleasant surprise. In Outsourcing & More magazine (no. 44), Adaptive Group has been featured twice:

  1. our company receiving the prize for enterprise which has impressing achievements on the Polish/international market (click here to read full information)

our service line ‘GPO as a Service’ focused on a comprehensive and robust process management. (click here to know more about GPO as a Service)


February started with new faces in our Adaptive Group Team. Two experienced experts joined us: Marta Baran, Program Manager and Arek Gostkowski, Program Manager. Short snapshot concerning the specialists to be read here: Newcomers in Adaptive Group.

In the meantime, our Consultant, Agata Opłatowska visited headquarters of one of our clients in Belgium. 

In February, we also proudly shared the travelling experience of our Junior Consultant, Galyna Biletska. Despite being just at the beginning of her consulting experience, she is so engaged that gets invitations from your clients to visit their headquarters abroad. She went to business trips to Turkey, Spain and Mexico.

Feel welcomed to have a look at the photos:


We ended up February in a really tasty way. We enjoyed sea vibes in the centre of the city by having delicious food during our Adaptive Group Team gathering. 



During March, the second workshop concerning operational excellence took place in Warsaw. During mentioned workshop, our Program Manager, Robert Godziszewski had the pleasure to meet an old friend Roger Romański (Project Accounting Manager EMEA at Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure). 

In the middle of the month, we had two interesting events: firstly, Arek Gostkowski (Program Manager) went to BSS Roadshow conference to discuss the topic of employer branding and secondly, our Junior Consultants (Katarzyna PrzymińskaMarta Piątczak and Katarzyna Podsiadła) promoted our company during job fairs at the University of Lodz.

At the end of March, we organized workshops concerning knowledge management. Our Program Manager, Michał Ejchman shared his hands-on experience about the topic with the participants. We also invited experts from Kemira and Staples to share their experience too. The event was powered by TORUS and Invest in Pomerania.



April started with a pleasant vibe- Outsourcing & More mentioned our newcomers (Marta Baran, Program Manager Adaptive Group & Arek Gostkowski, Program Manager Adaptive Group) in issue 45.

On the 4th of April, our CFO, Michał Bielawski was one the speakers of discussion panel considering the legal regulations in Poland for investors during the "Legal challenges for the BPO / SSC sector in Poland" conference organized by DLA Piper. We were the Partner of the event.

The next day, Robert Godziszewski, our Program Manager took part in “The future of RPA in business services sector” Round Table session organized by ABSL Poland in Warsaw.

In April, the 8th was a special day for us as we introduced our new service: master data management. More information related to process ownership available at: Master Data Management.

Two more events during this month: ABSL chapter meeting in Lodz concern Employer Branding (Michał Bielawski represented our company) and our Easter cooking classes where we had great food and fun.


May was a busy month for us as we hosted workshops together with our clients during Annual Shared Services and Outsourcing Week in Lisbon. It was a lot of hard work to prepare high-content meeting but definitely it was worth it.

Experts invovled:

  1. Wojciech Karpinski (Center Director Amway Business Service Center Europe)
  2. Maciej Kulbat (Managing Director, Global Business Services at Avon)
  3. Krystian Bestry (CEO)
  4. Michał Bielawski (CFO)
  5. Magdalena Bugajska (Senior Manager)
  6. Robert Godziszewski (Program Manager).

More photos to be found here: 


In May, we also visited Gdansk in Poland to take part in Nordic Business Talks organized by ProProgressio. Michał Bielawski was a speaker and presented a business case entitled “Development of nearshore business operation centres”. From the audience, he was supported by Aleksandra Pudlarz, Project Leader Adaptive Group and Irmina Liczbik, Marketing Specialist & Content Manager Adaptive Group.

Baltic Summer Offsite 2019- if you do not know this event yet, you just have to check it out. Organized by us, Adaptive Group, it is probably the best offsite network event for BSS leaders in Europe. 

Discover photos & video from the event:

At the end of may, we also organized the GBS Lions’ Talks- a business breakfast where we discussed the topic of knowledge management together with participants. The breakfast took place and Cracow and was supported by Nowy Styl Group and ProProgressio.


Feel welcomed to check out our photos from the event:



June started with another recruitment success- we welcomed several new specialists onboard:

  1. Krystyna Zakrzewska, Project Manager
  2. Justyna Rak, Project Manager
  3. Anna Kraska, Process Consultant
  4. Olga Kozłowska, Consultant
  5. Anastasia Kotvytska, Junior Consultant

Short snapshot concerning the new experts to be read here: New faces in Adaptive Group Team!

During this month, we also successfully conducted workshops for our client Avon and received special congratulations. Bravo to the managers involved:


In June, we finally had a chance to enjoy summertime all together by having a rooftop party combined with grill and good music. 


Soon came the ABSL conference- one of the biggest events for sector in Poland. Our team for the ABSL Conference comprised of:

  1. Krystian Bestry, President & CEO Adaptive Group
  2. Michał Bielawski, VP & CFO Adaptive Group
  3. Magdalena Bugajska, Senior Manager Adaptive Group
  4. Michał Ejchman, Program Manager Adaptive Group
  5. Arek Gostkowski, Program Manager Adaptive Group

This year, ABSL celebrated the 10th anniversary. As the one of co-founders and former Vice-President of ABSL, Krystian Bestry commented on the beginnings of organization during ABSL Summit: The New Next. 


Just before the event, our company organized GBS Executive Dinner with our clients.


More photos from ABSL to be found here:

Shortly after, the Aspire Industry Summit took place and Arek Gostkowski, our Program Manager, represented our company.

Another reason to celebrate- in the next issue of Outsourcing & More, our service Master Data Management was mentioned. To read about the service, go to: Master Data Management.

To properly end June, our Marketing Specialist & Content Manager, Irmina Liczbik, published an article on our website entitled “10 honest facts about working in Adaptive Group” . The publication clearly states what does it mean to be a part of Adaptive Group Team. To read the article, go to: Working in Adaptive.

Of course, what you are reading is just a piece of what happened in Adaptive Group in the first half of 2019. If we were to mention all events, it would take far too much time. Nevertheless, the fact is that we cannot talk about boredom in our company. A lot of things happen which we enjoy and learn from and it seems that the second half of 2019 is going to be also exciting.

Thank you for being with us for the past six months. Stay tuned, the 2019 is not over yet.


We wish you sunny and relaxing summer.

Adaptive Group Team

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