12 applications to help you stay focused & on the track

12 applications to help you stay focused & on the track
Beautiful weather outside, mess on your desk, people chatting, new notifications in social media. How to cope with so many distractions? In this article, we have several applications for you to help you have more control over time spent on the phone and stay focused on your tasks.

12 applications to help you
stay focused & on the track

1. Moment: Screen Time Control (for iOS devices exclusively) – this app helps you measue and manage screen time. You can track how much you use your phone or tablet, which apps you use the most, how many times you pick up your phone. What is more, you can establish phone-free times to focus on family or friends.

2. AntiSocial: phone addiction -  AntiSocial enables you to keep track of your unlocks and phone time, tracks all of your daily phone usage. It provides you with daily and weekly reporting of your app usage and compares your app usage with others from around the world. There are 3 optional blocking modes to help control phone use and block apps that you overuse.

3. AppDetox: App Blocker for Digital Detox- in this app you are able to set your own rules for your apps to detox from. You lock your apps with AppDetox and every time you violate one of your own rules, the application will remind you to take a break and stop from doing so. There are also statistics available so you can keep track of your violations.

4. Forest: Stay focused- quite an original app which helps you to put down your phone and focus on what is more important in real life. How? By planting a seed. As time goes by, the seed grows into a tree. However, if you cannot resist the temptation of using your phone and you leave the application, your tree withers. What is more, Forest provides you with special rewards and unlocks new tree species if you succeed.

5. Focus Booster- have you heard about Pomodoro technique? This app makes sure that you actually use it and helps you focus on a particular task. You create sessions, get started and what is interesting, the app notifies you about taking breaks. Later on, you can chek your timesheets and graphs with your sessions.

Other apps available on the market:

6. RescueTime- tells you what is stealing your time

7. Toggl- tracks how much time you spent on a given project

8. Mind42- helps you enhace your productivity by creating a mind map for your task

9. Freedom- blocks all the distractors (internet, social media, apps) for you so that you work effectively

10. Gmail Delay Send- enables you to schedule your emails and send them when it is most convenient for you

11. Goalscape- by the usage of visuals, the app encourages you to establish your goals 

12. Habitica- app for planning tasks and staying motivated (you get awards for getting things done)

Good luck!

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