Business transformation road: how to survive and grow

Business transformation road: how to survive and grow
What is business transformation? What sectors of your business can you transform? How to succeed? Read our article and get the best results possible.

What is business transformation?

Business Transformation is about changing a whole business or business unit in order to arrive at measurable improvements. The process should not only satisfy stakeholder but also prove to be effective and efficient.

All transformations require you to reconsider how your company creates value at the moment and in the future. Successful business transformation means that your enterprise can survive and grow. However, it is highly recommended to still look for new innovative possibilities.

Business transformation is all about strategic decisions concerning your business. Such choices have a huge impact on:

  • how you are going to develop,
  • how your organization is performing,
  • what performance improvements you can arrange.

What does transformation program involve?

Transformation program involves the planning and implementation of transformations. The transformations include several initiatives that change the organization according to its most important goals. It must be said that such process is a complex, demanding and time-consuming journey. You need to be prepared for sweat and the new.

However, one cannot start travelling without a map. Before immersing in the process itself, you need to establish process transformation roadmaps (you can also use the help of of an advisory & consulting company like Adaptive Group). The transformation roadmap should be in agreement with business objectives. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve the desired outcomes in the future.

Business transformation relies on 5 essential elements that provide an overall framework for the change. Each of these components is considered a 'work stream' in the transformation strategy. These 5 ingredients are:

What sectors of your business can you transform?

There are several sectors which can be taken into consideration during the business transformation journey. The graphic below shows the main areas of interest:

How can an advisory & consulting company help you?

The advisory & consulting experts can help you not only in the process of establishing process transformation roadmaps but also in the program governance & management itself.

What is it all about? A business transformation program management is the action of carrying out the implementation of the activities to achieve the wanted results.

As an example, our company offers the project management methodology (standards in the process, governance and reporting structure), supported by the Program Management Office (PMO) that drives the planning and implementation strategy, also in already working operations.

Our consultants, experienced in the area of project and program management, can be assigned and dedicated to work also onsite as the consulting delivery, working on setting up processes, monitoring and measuring project results, and coordinating related projects.

 Here is a list of our Project Management Office activities to get you inspired:

  • Prepare, propose and align reporting formats
  • Define escalation paths within business and SSC management
  • Organize the reporting process for the transition progress
  • Monitor all program issues, follow-up and escalate when needed
  • Plan respective steps and co-ordinate SSC official process responsibility handover
  • Prepare common database for documentation maintenance and tracking changes in the way of working

How to succeed with business transformation program?

Success depends on whether you are open and willing to change. Why? Because transforming your business services requires a shift not only in what you do, but also in the way you work, how you cooperate within your team and how everybody else does. By implementing the properly prepared transformation program, you can bring changes in your company that will be the answer to your hopes and ambitions within your business.You have two options: either do it on your own or use the help of advisory & consulting company such as Adaptive Group which strives to maximize the value of your business by optimizing the time and effort you spend on transformation.

Our Adaptive Group team keeps its fingers crossed for you!

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