Process Excellence & Effective Governance

Process Excellence & Effective Governance

Our support aims at:

Operating Model

ADAPTIVE S.A.G. helps to reach the operational excellence. Together with our clients we implement modern methods of service organisations management, with special focus on continuous improvement of process excellence. Our clients achieve a position of business leaders in the industry thanks to introducing adequately calibrated effectiveness metrics and organisational culture open and reactive to environmental challenges, and efficient and tailor-made reporting structure.

Excellence is a quality that people really appreciate, because it's so hard to find.

Excellence is the quality of excelling, of being truly the best at something.

Adaptive Service Delivery Model

Effective Governance

We are able to build for our Clients different types of Governance Models tailored to their organization, project and / or program in their portfolio, i.e.:

  • Advisory Board Governance Model
  • Policy Board Model
  • Team Management Governance Model
  • Competency Board Governance Model
  • Project Management Governance Model

We build the complete operations management and control systems, compliant with the business balanced scorecard (BBSC).

We assist organisations in creation and implementation of the right set of performance measurements to capture all crucial aspects of running operations like: quality, timeliness, lead-time, correctness, etc.

Together with our customers we design the process management system (including: definition, frequency of review, comparison to targets and standards, deviations analysis and corrective action descriptions) in four fundamental aspects, i.e.: process excellence, finance, people management and customer relationship management.