Location Strategies & Investment Incentives

Location Strategies & Investment Incentives
Location determines success? No, but the right location and structured SSC unit set-up process brings faster acceptance in the business, limited pitfalls and allows to accelerate business case realisation.

Following ADAPTIVE SAG approach the finalization of location selection shall be facilitated with four major considerations for each identified location, with detailed analysis of location offerings and potential challenges expected by the business:

Following our Location Attractiveness Methodology we asses and recommend the most suitable and effective location solution for selected expansion scenario(s).

Our project team works together with our domain partners, i.e.: HR agencies, Real Estate agents, industry associations, local and governmental investment offices, etc. for the most reliable and cross-checked qualified data for the analysis.

Adaptive SAG supports the evaluation phase with:

  • facilitation of reference visits at the selected locations including respective meeting arrangements with local representatives (HR agencies, Real Estate agents, education institutions, governmental investment offices and reference visits at industry investors)
  • preparation of the business case scenarios for each particular location assistance in the final evaluation process and communication to location stakeholders
  • producing the detailed start-up location plan and checklist with relevant sequential steps to be taken into consideration during the implementation
  • recommendations for the most trusted partners to be leveraged in the implementation phase, where applicable (e.g. most successful consultancy firms supporting staid aid application programs at the location, real estate advisors, etc.).