Business Goals & Architecture

Business Goals & Architecture

Let’s discuss together your WHOs, WHEREs, HOWs and WHATs to find out your Vision, Mission, choose best strategy directions, based on the proposed business planning and management Roadmaps.

Strategic Directions

Market Benchmark

Designing architecture of corporate structures

Structure makes a difference, right design of the business architecture plays crucial role in effective management, deployment of activities, prioritisation of goals and effective internal communication.

We review and recommend the organisational structure, that is the most efficient and best fit to the specific company’s requirements. Within the scope of the project / or simply in the assessment we cover all departments and units, their tasks and targets, with a strong focus on the indicators defined in the business balanced scorecard (BBSc), linked with the company’s strategy and its organisational structure (Top-down approach). Our recommendation is adjusted to the expected timeframe of the project implementation i.e. multiannual blueprint, long-term strategic plans, and current operating plans.

We support the organisation in implementation of proposed solutions, including the information materials and internal communication.  

Example of organisational structure by ADAPTIVE S.A.G.

Performance Management

“What you measure is what you get” Robert S. Kaplan, David P. Norton, “The BSC - Measures That Drive Performance”, Harvard Business Review 1992

Every single organisation, function, or department, to be efficient and effective, needs to be properly managed. Business objectives properly set-up allows us to manage, control and achieve the company’s goals.


ADAPTIVE S.A.G. applies comprehensive models of management by objectives (MBO). It is crucial that the company’s strategy, vision, mission and values are linked with the goals or targets at every level (strategic, operations, etc.) within the organisation.

We build the complete operations management and control systems, aligned with the business balanced scorecard (BBSc). We assist organisations in creation and implementation of the right set of performance measurements to capture all crucial aspects of running operations, like: quality, timeliness, lead-time, correctness, etc. Together with our clients we design the process management system in four fundamental aspects: process excellence, finance, people management and customer relationship management. We support with definition, frequency of review, comparison to targets and standards, deviations analysis and corrective action descriptions.

Building capabilities

It is quite obvious people are company’s greatest asset. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that their skills and competencies chime with company’s business goals.



Our experts know how to identify and assess gaps between the current and the desired team competencies’ structure. Depending on the starting point, we either examine the current matrix, re-configure or design a new one, therefore turning any competency challenge into opportunity. We help to close gaps and support acquisition of new competencies.

Design competency and workforce matrix enabling robust control on resource planning and selection of right project teams, team compositions and future development:

  •  Analysis of current organization structure and its relevance to Company objectives and operational strategies
  •  Mapping of competencies at each job position
  •  Development of competency matrix template in line with profiles, activities, responsibilities & accountability
  •  Development of workforce matrix, combining competencies and availability of employees
  •  Defining supplement training needs
  •  Recommendations for adjustments in employee grading system.