Our Purpose and Values

Our Purpose and Values

We started our ADAPTIVE S.A.G. journey based on a concept corresponding with an increasing market demand for specific expertise related to transformation of corporate functions, centralization in the shared business services model, optimization back-office operations, standardization and automation of processes and tasks. 

In the meantime we developed several practices focused on business services advisory & design of corporate functions, program & interim management support with hands on operational resources available for almost all business domains, as well as market intelligence functions to help our clients with the right decisions at the right time.

Our vision and mission define our ability to tailor solutions to the specific needs, provide adequate project and operational resources at all levels and deliver the results beyond Client expectations!

Our DNA Vision stands from:

Develop Natural Aspirations of our Customers & People as the Partner One of a Kind, providing comprehensive support for business corporate functions based on world-class benchmarks and qualified solutions.

Our Mission is defined 4U:

  • Unleash Potential of client businesses, exploring unknown territories for the scope and scale of operations, with the unique awareness of BSS market trends and constantly updated knowledge of recent innovation and automation developments;
  • Utmost Convenience of our client partnerships, built trust and transparency with agile and flexible approach towards any challenge faced; 
  • Unbelievable Results of our assignments and engaged resources based on committed accountability for the program deliverables with all material risks identified and mitigated well in advance;
  • Untapped Resources capable to support across all business domains and available now!

Our values represent what matters for us and for our Clients the most – TIME!

  • Transparency in all what we do, with equality in the treatments for all clients and employees despite the size, functions or grading levels;
  • Inspiration - sharing thoughts and ideas across the organization, utilizing our experiences for each one of us and across client projects;
  • Membership, with unique benefits, exclusive access to best-in-class solutions, partnership collaboration with clients and within teams;
  • Empowerment to develop our clients and ourselves, accelerating our business and personal growth via non-standard ways of doing things.