Lean in Business Services

Lean in Business Services

Together with our partners, we implement Lean culture in service, manufacturing and commercial organisations. All our implementations resulted in savings visible on our clients’ P&L account. Using Lean’s unique tools, techniques, and methods we can help you to reduce costs, achieve faster delivery and shorten lead times in your company. We work to engage all clients’ employees in identification and elimination of waste.

Waste is time, cost or work that adds no value. Lean scan how to recognize and eliminate waste and not simply accept it as the „way work is done around here”. Lean reduces total costs enabling you to maintain or lower your process and increase market share, thereby growing your business.

Lean does not mean savings, Lean means to work smart.

Depending on the needs or expectations identified, our proposal assumes potential extension of the proposed consultancy resource requirement for mix of expertise for particular period, if needed, to ensure the access to the right skillset and competences required for the program.

If you are on on-going transformation program aiming to change the design of business enabling functions with the transfer of transactional and rule-based activities into its shared services centres and when the recently transitioned processes becoming stable and shares services organizations getting mature, one of the key challenges identified going forward is to intensify deployment of the LEAN methodology.

Together with our partners, we will help you create such conditions for the organization's functioning, in which all your employees will be involved in joint winning.

Within our methodology, we focus on:

  • Organisational culture - premium results, motivated and satisfied employees, involved in the continuous improvement process
  • Common goals - orientation on accomplishment of strategic targets at all levels of organization
  • Process transparency - work result management system for all processes and all key performance indicators
  • Simplicity - standardisation and automation of business processes
  • Waste elimination - assuring maximum utilisation of available resources
  • Integration - process thinking vs. silos thinking