Process Maturity Assessments

Process Maturity Assessments

Some business organisations operating in the market have an over 100 year long history and others have been operating just for a few years, but what is the most important factor in their assessment is if they are “mature” in terms of business and prepared to handle the competition. The maturity assessment exercise is crucial for every organisation to laverage the actual level of all the processes, and what the company is looking for.

We have at our disposal the maturity assessment methodology. Our consultants will guide You through the set of questions –via the due diligence or questionnaires- to get the answer on which excellence stage in a maturity model your company currently is (i.e.: Reactive, Mainstream, Advanced and Pioneering), and what your ambitions are. Based on that together with You we can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation, identify the future direction and capabilities, which is the starting point for further development actions.

The SSC / BPO Maturity Assessment

  • MARKET LEADER with demonstrated capabilities and performance levels providing competitive advantage
  • EXCEEDING STANDARDS with capabilities and performance higher than peers and moving towards benchmarked practices
  • REACHING THE TOP with performance equal to peers levels
  • LAGGING BEHIND with significant gaps in capabilities and performance levels compared to the marked average

Adaptive SAG methodology assessment

Aligning the current maturity of the SSC to its aspirations.