Transition & Knowledge Transfer Management

Transition & Knowledge Transfer Management


Our Transition Management offer includes:

  • Transition Planning & Approach and the Execution responsibilities:
    • Align with stakeholders the detailed FTE mapping and transition planning per process / activity;
    • Supervise the knowledge transfer progress and secure expertise knowledge (if needed );
    • Supervise the completion of process or country specific documentation.
  • Project Management Office tasks:
    • Prepare, propose and align reporting formats;
    • Define escalation paths within business and SSC management;
    • Organize the reporting process for the transition progress;
    • Monitor all program issues, follow-up and escalate when needed

In the unlikely event that Project stakeholders are unable to resolve issue within or outside it’s immediate capacity; or difference of opinion exists on any aspect it would refer to the below Escalation pyramid for guidance, conciliation and/or ultimate decision making.

Below you can see our Transition Management Scope:

Planning Activities
  • Evaluate current definition of processes, subprocesses
  • Finalize responsibility split & information flow
  • Propose best practices on transition governance
  • Transition risk mapping & mitigation strategies
  • Prepare & manage transition master plan
  • Define applicable framework for knowledge transfer
  • Propose sufficient tools for knowledge capture
  • Define detailed transition objectives for team members
Process Documentation Completion
  • Analyse existing documentation
  • Supervise completion of business process descriptions & process maps
  • Prepare guidelines for detailed standard operating procedures
  • Propose & align formats for authorization matrixes
  • Supervise preparation of documentation before, during & after transition
  • Capture key standarization opportunities for processes in scope
Transition Execution
  • Align with stakeholders detailed FTE mapping & transition planning per process / activity
  • Allocation of SSC transition team members to knowledge transfer activities
  • Alignment with stakeholders on detailed knowledge capture plan
  • Supervise knowledge transfer progress & secure expertise knowledge if needed
  • Supervise completion of process or country specific documentation
  • Evaluate transition team performance & apply corrective actions where necessary
Project Management Office
  • Prepare, propose & align reporting formats
  • Define escalation paths business & SSC management
  • Organize reporting process for transition progress
  • Monitor all program issues, follow-up escalate when needed
  • Plan respective steps & co-ordinate SSC official process responsibility handover
  • Prepare common database for documentation maintenance & tracking changes in way of working



  • XXX FTE impacted by the project
  • AP including: invoice posting, vendor query & payments to vendors
  • AR including: bank statements posting & customer invoices issuing
  • XX FTE impacted by the project
  • AP / Payroll
  • AR
  • GL
map1 map2
  • XXX separate organizations to manage & maintain
  • Standardization per region
  • XXX separate transitions projects to run = more transition costs
  • One single organization = less overheads
  • F&A processes centralized and standardized in one location
  • Easiest way to define best practices & to implement them globally