Business Services Strategies

Business Services Strategies

We facilitate discussion & analyze:

  • Function Overview - How big is the current organisation? How does it currently operate? What are the current challenges with the business model?
  • Business Challenges - What are the expected future overall business challenges? What role SSC shall play?
  • Target Operating Model - How would like the business to operate? What is the long term plan as for the scope and processes within SSC? What are the ambitions related to process transformation and automation?
  • Methodology & Planning - What are the current capabilities to execute the change into the new model?; what is the level of available management bandwith to execute the change?; how to communicate the reason?

SSC Business Imperatives

Defining Strategic Potential for SSC Initiative

Based on the analysis we formulate SSC strategies with key program goals and expected benefits.


SpecificsStandard modelSSC model
Service orientation Low - usually service levels not measured or fragmented High with service performance metrics and c-sat measured regularly
Control & Compliance Control framework based on SoD and local procedures Standardized control framework with regulated regular reporting
Domain expertise High, but based on experience Built over the time with best practices applied
Knowledge management Based on loyalty and years of service experiences Based on documentation and backup structures
Governance Local organization structures Strongly linked to the process and company objectives
Cost structure Fixed cost linked to number of people employed Variable, linked to transactional volumes

Formulating Implementation Plan