Employee Engagement Programs

Employee Engagement Programs

Nowadays more and more companies treat their employees as the most precious "assets", take care of their working conditions, knowledge and skills development and plan career paths. It is important not only to measure the employee’s involvement, but above all to manage their engagement.

What is needed to keep the employees’ motivation and commitment to work? Why they give up on activities that they were initially so engaged and devoted to?

Vanishing engagement is one of the main reason, it is important to consider what engagement is and what conditions must be met to keep it.

The engagement should be observed in four dimentions:

What are the main presumptions to recognize that the employee is engaged in work?

The engaged employee is the one who:

ADAPTIVE SAG can support you in building such an engagement model so that employees' level of competence and involvement is higher, and that each of them can answer positively to the questions above. We propose (re)designing and supporting implementation of employer branding initiatives in order to increase your position as employer, in parallel, improve employees’ motivation.

The voice of employees has to be heard and considered as initiator of employer branding initiatives (e.g. employee voice as a reference for work-life balance, company values, career paths, personal development success stories).