Communication & Employer Branding

Communication & Employer Branding

Adaptive SAG has experience in (re)designing and supporting implementation of EmployerBranding initiatives to increase Company visibility as employer of choice and in parallel, improve employees’ engagement and loyalty, i.e.:

  • Leverage sector best practices and benchmarked PR processes strategies
  • Assessment and recommendation of selected Employer Branding (EB) initiatives or programmes:
    • active presence at local higher education institutions via common study profiles, lectures, cooperation with student research groups, etc.
    • common CSR initiatives – selection of local sport events, cultural initiatives for active employee participation & brand positioning;
  • Use the voice of employees as initiator of EB initiatives and move execution of projects to them:
    • employee as references of EB: careers success stories, hobbies at work, etc.

In line with Employer Branding and current communication channels used, we will recommend to complete communication strategy with PR activities focused on Company vision and its role with the development of building manufacturing & business services sectors in Poland with Leadership PR – promoting Company business leaders, selective high performers and services delivered by the organisation:

  • From top management leaders in theirs role of challenging the business towards, vision, client approach, innovation in technology within the organization and engagement in developments of best talents;
  • via Team Leads / Ops Managers - the critical role of excellence in production or service execution, career opportunities within the organization, great atmosphere & team work;
  • to Workers/Specialists representing selective unique processes - underlining diversified scope of responsibilities, career ambitions and value delivered to its by the organization to its Customers.

Recruitment strategies

Any business strategy, any operations design, all processes & procedures – at the end of the day, they all end up with human: human performance, human to human relations, human motivation.

This is why it is absolutely crucial for any business to: accurately design, skillfully implement and flexibly evolve its HR strategy, to attract, motivate, develop and retain – right people.

Implementing the recruitment strategy should be closely aligned with your business strategy, which determines how an organization operates in market conditions, sets its goals, and identifies the resources needed to achieve the objectives. The recruitment strategy should primarily relate to the organizational strategy of knowledge and skills that the company will seek in the market.

We can offer you to revitalise HR and Recruitment Strategy in order to achieve long terms business goals of business service operations. We review and adapt HR strategy for more focus on human resources management in business service organisation. We integrate entire HR process via systematic and comprehensive taxonomy dedicated for HR management in service organisations in line with overall business HR strategy

While selecting a recruitment strategy, you should have in mind the future changes in your business environment and ability to respond to them.

Are you ready? Ask yourself three basic questions:

ADAPTIVE SAG can support You to introduce or upgrade your HR strategy by (1) structuring your HR processes, (2) enhancing your tools architecture area and (3) providing HR development solutions, remuneration & motivation systems. We propose solutions that proved the real increase of employees’ motivation and improve retention, which is extrememly crucial for the business services sector.