HR Policies & Procedures

HR Policies & Procedures

HR policies is one of the elements of the company's strategy, which consists of procedures and habits of the employees. It should meet the needs, aspirations of the company, while pursuing its goals and tasks.

Your HR policy should be an integral part of the company’s strategy, vision and mission. Only when you look at people through the prism of their talents, skills and predispositions, you have the chance to achieve lasting business success and stand out from the competitors.

ADAPTIVE can support You in writing and evaluating the policies. Having the policies and procedures implemented in your organization ensures that the legal and business requirements are met.

ADAPTIVE SAG Human Resources taxonomy:

L1 - Main Process1 Human Capital Development & Management
L2 - Key Process1.1 Develop and manage human resources (HR) planning, policies and strategies1.2 Recruit, source and select employees1.3 Develop and counsel employees1.4 Reward and retain employees1.5 Redeploy and retire emploeeys1.6 Manage employee information & relations
L3 - Subprocess 1.1.1 Develop human resources strategy 1.2.1 Employer branding - building the brand name of the employer on the job market 1.3.1 Manage employee orientation and deployment 1.4.1 Develop and manage reward, recognition and motivation programs 1.5.1 Manage promotion process 1.6.1 Manage reporting process
1.1.2 Develop and implement human resources plans 1.2.2 Create and develop employee requisitions 1.3.2 Manage employee performance 1.4.2 Manage and administer benefits 1.5.2 Manage demotion process 1.6.2 Manage employee inquiry process
1.1.3 Monitor and update plans 1.2.3 Recruit/Source candidates 1.3.3 Manage talent development 1.4.3 Manage employee assistance and retention 1.5.3 Manage separation 1.6.3 Manage and maintain employee data
  1.2.4 Screen and select candidates   1.4.4 Administer Payroll 1.5.4 Manage retirement 1.6.4 Manage human resorce information systems (HRIS)
  1.2.5 Manage pre-placement verification     1.5.5 Manage leave of absence 1.6.5 Develop and manage employee metrics
  1.2.6 Manage new hire/re-hire     1.5.6 Develop and implement employee outplacement 1.6.6 Develop and manage time and attendance
  1.2.7 Track candidates     1.5.7 Manage deployment of personnel 1.6.7 Manage employee communication
        1.5.8 Relocate employees and manage assignments 1.6.8 Manage health and safety
        1.5.9 Manage employment reduction and retirement 1.6.9 Manage labor relations
        1.5.10 Manage expatriates 1.6.10 Manage collective bargaining process
          1.6.11 Manage labor management partnerships
L4 - Transactional Process flowcharts
L5 - Activity tasks on process flow charts