Compliance & Internal Control Framework

Compliance & Internal Control Framework

Review and assessment of internal control framework

We review the existing internal control framework in terms of effectiveness, completeness and correctness of the system. As a result of this assessment we propose changes to the current shape of points of control and recommend complementary actions for identified deficiencies or gaps. This is supported by the report concluding the compliance or non-compliance status of the system control.

Effectiveness of internal control system

Only usage of modern, effective and time-saving methods of internal control framework brings the added value to the business.

ADAPTIVE S.A.G. can design and implement the effective systems of internal control. Continuous auditing, self-auditing - these are the smart tools that help to increase the effectiveness and correctness of the system, optimising the cost of control execution, at the same time. On top of financial functions, we also perform the non-financial audits, for example in the IT area. We harmonise the documentation and archiving procedure, automate processes and steps of internal control.