Program Governance & Management

Program Governance & Management

ADAPTIVE SAG Program Governance Model

A business transformation program management is the action of carrying out the implementation of the activities to achieve the desired outcomes.

Program Management Office

 ADAPTIVE S.A.G. offers the project management methodology (standards in the process, governance and reporting structure), supported by the Program Management Office (PMO) that drives the planning and implementation strategy, also in already working operations.

Our resources, experienced in the area of project and program management, can be assigned and dedicated to work also onsite as the consulting delivery, working on setting up processes, monitoring and measuring project results, and coordinating related projects.

Our Project Management Office activities:

  • Prepare, propose and align reporting formats
  • Define escalation paths within business and SSC management
  • Organize the reporting process for the transition progress
  • Monitor all program issues, follow-up and escalate when needed
  • Plan respective steps and co-ordinate SSC official process responsibility handover
  • Prepare common database for documentation maintenance and tracking changes in the way of working

Project management, project management office (PMO) and interim operational management

In today’s modern organisations a large number of projects is being conducted continuously (in parallel) and on many levels. To manage such a large scale of projects and activities, it is a must to introduce the project management process (together with the supportive PMO) in the whole organisation.

ADAPTIVE S.A.G. runs projects for its clients. We apply methodology that brings tangible benefits and sustainable results to every organisation.

We help to implement Project Management Office (PMO) to manage the methodology and the project standards. We set up priorities, allocate resources, handle document templates and archive all required materials.

Thanks to centralised information regarding project status and progress we are able to assess cumulated risks and escalate problems identified and reported during the project realisation. ADAPTIVE S.A.G. can provide experienced project and program managers as interim resources to run a project or program on behalf on the client. This is the best-proven solution for clients’ project management needs - instant, flexible and cost effective.