Krystian Bestry comments on the beginnings of ABSL

Krystian Bestry comments on the beginnings of ABSL
This year, ABSL celebrated the 10th anniversary. As the one of co-founders and former Vice-President of ABSL, Krystian Bestry commented on the beginnings of organization during ABSL Summit: The New Next.

Asked about the challenges of the first ABSL conference, Krystian Bestry, CEO Adaptive Group answered:

"...Well, getting the attention, getting the interest from the speakers, from the audience, from the community. Actually, we started with 30-40 people as the first conference but just after 2 years, thanks to the great event arrangements, we managed to get 300 and it is still growing...".

Video with complete comment is available at: LinkedIn Adaptive Group

This year's team for the ABSL Conference consisted of:

Apart from actively participation during the conference, Adaptive Group also organized the GBS Executive Dinner as an ABSL offsite event.

More photos from the event available at:

See you next year!

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