Roar of knowledge- few words about GBS Lions' Talks in Cracow

Roar of knowledge- few words about GBS Lions' Talks in Cracow
Summary of GBS Lions’ Talks in Cracow? To put it shortly, beef! The level of discussion went way beyond our expectations, not to mention insightful life stories of participants.

Last week, Adaptive Group organized GBS Lions’ Talks. It was a business breakfast which aimed at starting a day with a delicious meal and in-depth dicussion concerning the subject of knowledge management. The event took place in Cracow- Nowy Styl Group provided a cosy space for sharing experience and food.

Without doubt, the meeting was a success. Both our Adaptive Group Team experts and participants contributed to the topic by telling about their own experience and recognized good practices. What is interesting, we touched upon not only common areas but also matters rarely present during business conferences in correspondence with knowledge management.

The topics included:

  • recruitment onboarding & off-boarding
  • inclusion of disabled people
  • distribution of news within company
  • GPO as a chance for successful knowledge management: dreams vs. reality
  • giving full responsibility of problem solving to employees exclusively.

Dear Participants, thank you all for your time and stimulating discussion. It was a pleasure to have such a fruitful meeting. We hope you enjoyed the ‘feast’ as much as we did.

Feel welcomed to check out our photos from the event:

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