Newcomers in Adaptive Group Team!

Newcomers in Adaptive Group Team!
As in the previous year, we are pleased to announce that in the first months of 2019, another talented managers have joined our Adaptive Group team to help us bring even better results for our clients.

Below a short snapshot of our new colleagues. Definitely, it is going to be a fruitful cooperation with a lot of innovative ideas and substantial contribution to our business relationships with the clients.


Marta Baran, Program Manager – she brings over 13 years of relevant business knowledge. Marta is experienced in project management and has great understanding of process migration methodology. Over her career, she has been responsible for transition of P2P domain, increasing the quality of internal control framework and accounting processes, ‘As Is’ process documentation within R2R domain, process optimization, planning and preparing transition projects. Marta is well-organized professional with strong interpersonal, leadership and organizational skills. She has ease of establishing contacts among diverse and multi-cultural business environments.


Arek Gostkowski, Program Manager  – he has over 15 years of relevant business experience in production companies as well as shared services with a practical expertise in the domains of master data and O2C. Arek is the expert in Master Data Management area driving governance agenda, efficiencies, transitions and transformations also in O2C area. He has valuable and hands-on knowledge in setting up Internal Controls and compliance environment. Arek is passionate about leadership- he has been responsible for leading 90+ FTEs teams in Polish and international environment.


We wish Marta and Arek good luck and many years of prosperous careers with ADAPTIVE!

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