Adaptive Group on the road: overview of the 2nd half of 2018

Adaptive Group on the road: overview of the 2nd half of 2018
It is high time to summarize the 2nd half of 2018. As before, during past months our experts have taken part in lots of interesting events, inspiring conferences and thought-provoking discussions. Let us take a closer look at the details.


Adaptive Group started July with a gathering of all Adaptive Group Consultants. We had a delicious breakfast together and talked about current and future perspectives. 

Later on, we found that the Outsourcing & More magazine published an announcement about our newcomers.

Following good atmosphere, we decided to continue with employee promotion campaign and in July, you could read the 2nd interview. This time with our Senior Program Manager, Magdalena Bugajska

Read the interview: Business Sparring Partner: Interview with Magdalena Bugajska, Program Manager in Adaptive Group


In July, we also started shooting video testimonials with our clients and this month we released a teaser with Elekta BSC.

FULL VIDEO TESTIMONIAL available here: Testimonials


First of all, in August we have launched a new service line ‘Rescue Rangers’ focused on operational support for sudden volume peaks, backlog reduction initiatives and temporary vacancies in shared services environment.

Read more: Service line 'Rescue Rangers' supporting SSC operations


Secondly, you could watch the 2nd  and 3rd video testimonial teaser: OpusCapita and Amway.

FULL VIDEO TESTIMONIALS available here: Testimonials

Thirdly, we had the “Adaptive Mobile Office Week”. It is not only an opportunity to work outside the usual office but mainly to spend time together and talk about our achievements. As a result, several Adaptive consultants received awards for their outstanding commitment and hard work during last months.


In September, our SSC Rescue Rangers successfully conducted an important project for one of our clients. We had a celebration dinner combined with rewarding particular Rescue Rangers for their outstanding commitment and hard work. 

Read more: SSC Rescue Rangers success celebration

Several days later, Magdalena Bugajska, Senior Program Manager and Amal Naimi, Project Manager went for a business trip to Kazakhstan!

September was also devoted to the Shared Services & Outsourcing Week in Vilnius, Lithuania. As Adaptive Group, we were the sponsor of the event and organized workshops for the participants. It was a very intensive and rewarding time!

Our representation:

 Read more: Adaptive Group as the Sponsor of SSOW in Vilnius

At the same time, Robert Godziszewski, Program Manager Adaptive Group, visited Bydgoszcz and took part in the “F&A with no secrets” conference organized by ProProgressio.

Later, our Program Manager, Michał Ejchman has written an article under the title “GPO: there are two sides to every process”. The text was published in Outsourcing & More magazine

Read the article: GPO: there are two sides to every process

In the same issue of Outsourcing & More, you could also read a note about our SSC Rescue Rangers service line

September ended with a workshop conducted by Michał Bielawski, CFO Adaptive Group, and Michał Ejchman, Program Manager Adaptive Group, in Warsaw during the conference for the SSC environment.


October started in a very special way- Magdalena Bugajska and Aleksandra Leman got promoted! Magdalena Bugajska, previously Program Manager, is now on the position of Senior Manager, whereas Aleksandra Leman, previously Project Manager, has been promoted to the role of Program Manager. 

Read more: Magdalena Bugajska and Aleksandra Leman promoted!

One cannot discuss October 2018 without mentioning SSC Conference in Warsaw, Poland. Michał Bielawski, CFO Adaptive Group took part in the event and met with our business partners. 

In the middle of the month, we organized another breakfast to just meet together and have a good time. Besides, we celebrated birthdays of two of our experts: Krystian Bestry, CEO Adaptive Group and Aleksandra Leman, Program Manager Adaptive Group.

October ended up with two big events. The first one was connected with European Economic Forum in Lodz. We organized two expert panels with our clients & business partners. The panels concerned knowledge management during the transformation phase of GBS services and situation in the modern business services. Big thanks to all of the speakers for participation:

Read more: XI European Economic Forum Lodzkie 2018: where the future of Polish economy is built

The second big event took place in Stockholm where Robert Godziszewski, Program Manager Adaptive Group, took part in the Innotech Summit. Our expert was there as one of the specialists in the “Shared Services as an Asset to Drive and Support Innovation and Growth” panel.

Read more: Innotech Summit: Adaptive Group in Stockholm, Sweden


We started November with launching a new service line “GPO as a Service” dedicated to organizations which need to establish a role of Global Process Owner in their structures. 

Read more: Our new service line 'GPO as a Service'

At that time, we also decided to again extend our team. In order to find new Adaptive employees, Michał Ejchman, Irmina Liczbik, Katarzyna Przymińska and Marta Piątczak went to Recrutiment Days at the University of Lodz. They discussed career opportunities with potential candidates and promoted our company among students.

November was also special to us because of the partnership agreement with ABSL. As a result of the cooperation, our Adaptive Group Team experts are going to have even more opportunities to exchange ideas and knowledge and leverage best practices with other specialists from the industry. What is more, we are going to actively contribute to the international conferences and other events under ABSL patronage. 

Read more: Adaptive Group as a member of ABSL!

In the middle of the month, you could also read the interview with Michał Bielawski for Outsourcing & More magazine. The conversation circled around the topic of outsourcer as a partner in transformation. What is more, in the same issue of the magazine, ProProgressio mentioned the promotion of Magdalena Bugajska and Aleksandra Leman!

On the 20th of November, Leanpassion organized a conference about Lean Strategy. The event took place in Warsaw and Krystian Bestry, CEO Adaptive Group, was one of the experts during the panel concerning transformations.

In November, we also decided to be the sponsor of CEE Awards that is going to take place in January 2019. What is more, it may be the case that we are going to reward… one of our clients!

Read more: Our clients short-listed for the 7th annual CEE Business Services Awards!

This month, the next steps were taken in the area of employee promotion campaign. As a result, you could read the interview with Michał Ejchman, Program Manager Adaptive Group.

Read the interview: Building bridges: interview with Michał Ejchman, Program Manager in Adaptive Group

November ended in a wonderful way- Adaptive Group got a nomination for Rajmund Rembieliński Laurel! Jury consisted of the biggest regional economic associations in Lodzkie region.

Read more: Adaptive Group nominated to the Rajmund Rembieliński Laurel!


In December, we have become the sponsor of BSS Forum & Outsourcing Starts Gala to be held in January 2019 in Lodz, Poland. What is more, our VP & CFO, Michał Bielawski, is going to be one of the experts in the discussion about gamification during the Forum.

Read more: Adaptive Group as the Sponsor of BSS Forum & Outsourcing Stars Gala

In December, we changed our headquarters by moving… one floor up: )

In the middle of the month, it turned out that we won! Our company has received a prize in the “Young Company” category for enterprise which has impressing achievements on the Polish/international market and implements innovations. 

Read more: Adaptive Group awarded by the most prestigious business associations in Lodzkie region!

Several days later, we decided to spread the love and took part in the Noble Gift social scheme. The aim was to buy necessary goods for those in need who are in a difficult financial situation. 

We ended up December with Adaptive Christmas Eve. Our Santas prepared presents for the whole team: backpacks, business card holders, calendars and something special for the office: the Adaptive Group calendar with the birthday dates of all our experts.

All in all, the second half of 2018 proved to be not only intensive when it comes to conferences, events and meetings but also worth the effort- both the local and international market recognized our initiatives to spread the expertise knowledge concerning business services sector. We can say, it was a truly good and successful time.

Thank you, dear Clients and Business Partners, for your continuous support. We look forward to another great achievements in cooperation with you.

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