Our service line 'GPO as a Service'

Our service line 'GPO as a Service'
Global Business Services organisations constantly expand their scope of responsibilities and ownership over the processes. Recent market research performed by Adaptive Solutions & Advisory Group revealed the need of many organizations to establish a role of Global Process Owner in their structures.

Such role ensures proper end-to-end process ownership across geographies and functional lines. Majority of organizations, small and medium size, find it difficult to create and fulfill the role with fully dedicated resources.

As the response to this need, since November 2018 we have started new service line – GaaS (GPO as a Service), focused on a comprehensive and robust process management, striving for its standardisation and harmonisation, benchmarking, setting guiding principles and process measurement & control.

Our Adaptive Group Team is ready to take care of respective initiatives related to process ownership including:

  • process performance management,
  • control & compliance,
  • transformation,
  • process documentation,
  • standardisation & harmonisation,
  • scope assessment.

The demand for resource capabilities can be adapted as per the scope of service. We provide a flexible resource availability adjusted to the Client’s needs and validated against his/her requirements, ranging from Consultant (Jr/Sr) to Program Manager (Jr/Sr) profiles.

We encourage you to contact us for more details, we are at your disposal.

Contact details:

+ 48 697 878 766

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