Business Process Re-engineering in a nutshell

Business Process Re-engineering in a nutshell
What is Business Process Re-engineering? Why is it worth to take it into consideration? What is the role of advisory & consulting company in BPR? Find out more about BPR and the impact it can have on your organization.

What is Business Process Re-engineering?

The Business Dictionary defines Business Process Re-engineering as “thorough rethinking of all business processes, job definitions, management systems, organizational structure, work flow,
and underlying assumptions and beliefs”.

It means taking into consideration factors important for a success of a given business
and looking at them from a wider perspective to arrive at better solutions.

Why to think about Business Process Re-engineering?

Business process re-engineering (BPR) is one of those elements which may be a breakthrough
when working on the improvement and modernization of your company’s performance. Why?
BPR affects the performance of the organization directly. It is the key when it comes to transforming
how people work.

What is important, Business Process Re-engineering is devoted to processes exclusively. It does not focus on tasks, jobs or people.

What is the role of advisory & consulting in BPR?

Adaptive Group experts offer to re-engineer processes in a given company to improve the system structure, to make it easier to understand and maintain. The consultants analyze and redesign workflows within and between businesses to optimize end-to-end processes and automate value-added tasks
in the company.

What are the Business Process Re-engineering steps?

BPR steps, designed by Adaptive Group specialists, create together a cycle of elements influencing
each other:

Is Business Process Re-engineering for you & your company?

BPR is designed to help those organization which aim to improve the system structure and modernize company’s performance. If your goal is achieving more and transforming how people work for better,
the Business Process Re-engineering is for you.

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